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Fuel tank — A fuel tank is safe container for flammable liqu >Wikipedia

fuel tank — The storage compartment, under the trunk in most cars, that holds the fuel for the vehicle. Also called the gas tank … Dictionary of automotive terms

fuel tank — noun A container of fuel, especially one ins >Wiktionary

fuel tank — compartment for storing fuel … English contemporary dictionary

fuel tank vapor valve — A valve mounted in the top of the fuel tank. Vents excess vapor and pressure from the fuel tank into the evaporative emission control system … Dictionary of automotive terms

fuel tank sender — A level sensor in the gas tank which sends information about the amount of remaining fuel … Dictionary of automotive terms

Self-sealing fuel tank — In aviation, self sealing fuel tank is a fuel tank technology in w >Wikipedia

Conformal fuel tank — An F 15E Strike Eagle fitted with conformal fuel tanks under the wing roots … Wikipedia

Conformal Fuel Tank — F 15 mit CFTs an den Flügelwurzeln bzw. seitlich des Lufteinlaufs … Deutsch Wikipedia

integral fuel tank — A fuel tank formed by sealing off a part of the aircraft structure to use it for the storage of fuel. The most common form of integral tanks are those in the wings, called wet wings. The problems with wet wings are their greater vulnerability to… … Aviation dictionary

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Fuel pump — should not be confused with fuel dispenser, a device that dispenses fuel into an automobile. A high pressure fuel pump on a Yanmar 2GM20 marine diesel engine. A fuel pump is a frequently (but not always) essential component on a car or other… … Wikipedia


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The fuel tank has a capacity of 40 litres.

Ёмкость топливного бака составляет сорок литров. ☰

The plane emptied its fuel tanks as it started losing altitude.

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Самолет опустошил свои топливные баки, когда начал терять высоту. ☰

топливный бак; цистерна для топлива

Тверитнев М.В… English-Russian car dictionary Russo. Англо-Русский автомобильный словарь Руссо. 2005

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