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D >

Ты отключил обогреватель? ☰

I can't get the heater to work.

Я не могу заставить нагреватель работать. ☰

Could you turn up the heater, I'm cold.

Не могли бы вы включить обогреватель, мне холодно. ☰

We prov >

Мы установили в комнату электрический обогреватель. ☰

. this heater gives out a funny smell sometimes.

. от обогревателя иногда странно пахнет. ☰

It's awfully cold in here. Is the heater on?

Здесь страшно холодно. Обогреватель включён? ☰

The heater was on full blast but I was still cold.

Обогреватель работал на полную катушку, но мне всё равно было холодно. ☰

The heater has variable temperature settings.

Нагреватель имеет вариабельные температурные настройки. ☰

This heater had to be chucked away because it d >

Этот обогреватель пришлось выбросить, так как он не работал. ☰

The explosion was caused by a gas leak from the water heater.

Взрыв был вызван утечкой газа из водонагревателя. ☰

I turned on the heater in the hall to take the chill off the house (=to heat it slightly).

Я включил обогреватель в зале, чтобы в доме стало не так холодно (т.е. чтобы немного его нагреть). ☰

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Sorry if the heater's a bit temperamental. ☰

The dial on the heater was set to 'HOT'. ☰

The heater will run off mains gas or bottled gas. ☰

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Heater — Heat er (h[=e]t [ e]r), n. 1. One who, or that which, heats. [1913 Webster] 2. Any contrivance or implement, as a furnace, stove, or other heated body or vessel, etc., used to impart heat to something, or to contain something to be heated. [1913… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

heater — c.1500, of persons, agent noun from HEAT (Cf. heat). Of devices, from 1660s. Baseball slang meaning “fastball” is attested by 1985 … Etymology dictionary

heater — ► NOUN 1) a device for heating something. 2) N. Amer. informal, dated a gun … English terms dictionary

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heater — [hēt′ər] n. 1. an apparatus for heating or warming a room, car, water, etc.; stove, furnace, radiator, etc. 2. a person whose work is to heat something 3. in an electron tube, an element set ins >English World dictionary

Heater — A heater is any object that emits heat or causes another body to achieve a higher temperature. In a household or domestic setting, heaters are commonly used to generate heating (ie. warmth).Types of heaters*Block heater *Cathy heater *Central… … Wikipedia

heater — Synonyms and related words: Bunsen burner, Dutch oven, automatic, bedpan, bloom heater, blowgun, blowpipe, brazier, brick oven, burner, calefactory, cal >Moby Thesaurus

heater — A device which gives off heat. In automobiles, it heats the interior of the vehicle. In a water cooled engine the coolant is channelled through the heater in the passenger compartment. Some cars used an electric or gasoline heater because they… … Dictionary of automotive terms

heater — (Roget s IV) n. Syn. radiator, auto heater, oil heater, gas heater, electric heater; see furnace … English dictionary for students

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heater — n radiator, steam heater, electric heater, gas heater, infrared heater; furnace, incinerator, forge, fireplace; stove, range, oven, kiln, microwave oven, toaster oven, toaster, hot plate, cooker; brazier, foot warmer, hot water bottle, heating… … A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

heater — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ convector (BrE), fan (esp. BrE), storage (BrE) ▪ portable ▪ electric, gas, kerosene (esp. AmE) … Collocations dictionary

heater */ — UK [ˈhiːtə(r)] / US [ˈhɪtər] noun [countable] Word forms heater : singular heater plural heaters a piece of equipment used for making a place warm or for heating water a water heater … English dictionary

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  • нагреватель heater
  • обогреватель heater
  • подогреватель heater preheater economizer
  • печь oven furnace stove heater cooker fire
  • калорифер heater calorifier
  • радиатор radiator heater pipes
  • грелка warmer heater hotty warming pan damsel hot-water bottle
  • кипятильник boiler heater tea urn
  • нагревательный прибор heater heating apparatus warmer
  • пистолет gun pistol handgun piece Roscoe heater
  • винтовка rifle gun piece heater
  • And it had one rare commodity, a giant electric portable heater that warmed the entire unit.
  • a gas water heater
  • Since then they have had just a couple of electric heaters to warm the house and no hot water.
  • Said Tim: ‘We keep Trelow warm with a furry hot water bottle and a heater , and for comfort he clings to a toy cow!’
  • On a first pitch fastball, Andy LaRoche smacked a 93 mph heater right back up the middle, nearly hitting Nieve in the process.
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