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I've been getting the High Rate of Battery Discharge message on check control for several months now. There never seems to be any loss of power to crank the car when it starts, etc just seems to be an annoying message and it doesn't always appear either, quite random and intermittent. However, the car has never been left to sit for a long period of time (e.g. when I'm on holiday) so the battery hasn't had chance to fully discharge.

BMW had my car towards the end of July to sort out this fault and a few other little things. They had it for a week and a half and replaced some control units that then took nearly 3 days to re-program (seems a little long to me). When i went to pick it up and started it in the car park it came up with the same error once again, back to square one. They also managed to damage the paintwork on the front of the car whilst it was in grrrrrrr! I had it back for a few weeks and now it's back with BMW again, they've had the front resprayed, at their cost obviously, and after yet another week and a half they are still probing the High Rate of Battery Discharge error.

They have ascertained that once the car is locked and has "gone to sleep" something is happening to "wake it back up". Basically, some control unit somewhere is waking up and drawing current when it shouldn't be. The problem is they don't know which control unit it is. They have tried replacing the battery as a first point of call and now I get the impression they are disconnecting modules one by one and locking the car and waiting to see if there is a high current drain when the car is locked.

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Has anybody else had a similar experience? I remember reading somewhere that one person had similar issues caused by a faulty tracker install. What's the score with the comfort access I have fitted, surely that would need constant power to search for keys in the surrounding area?

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