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Power steering — helps drivers steer vehicles by augmenting steering effort of the steering wheel. It does this by adding controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver needs to prov >Wikipedia

power steering — power .steering also power assisted steering n [U] a system for ↑steering a vehicle which uses power from the vehicle s engine and so needs less effort from the driver ▪ Most new cars now have power steering … Dictionary of contemporary English

power steering — ► NOUN ▪ steering a >English terms dictionary

power steering — noun uncount a system that makes it easy to turn a car with small movements of the STEERING WHEEL … Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

power steering — noun automotive steering where engineer power amplifies the torque applied to the steering wheel • Syn: ↑power assisted steering • Hypernyms: ↑steering system, ↑steering mechanism * * * noun [noncount] : a steering system in cars that uses power… … Useful english dictionary

power steering — (PS) A steering system using hydraulic pressure to increase the driver s turning effort. As the driver turns the steering wheel, steering effort is reduced. The pressure is used either in the gearbox itself or in a hydraulic cylinder attached to… … Dictionary of automotive terms

power steering — Auto. an automotive steering system in which the engine s power is used to supplement the driver s effort in turning the steering wheel. [1930 35] * * * system to a >Universalium

power steering — N UNCOUNT In a vehicle, power steering is a system for steering which uses power from the engine so that it is easier for the driver to steer the vehicle … English dictionary

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power steering — steering wheel which can be easily turned due to a mechanical a >English contemporary dictionary

power steering — noun Date: 1932 an automotive steering system with engine power used to amplify the torque applied at the steering wheel by the driver … New Collegiate Dictionary

power steering — pow′er steer′ing n. aum an automotive steering system in which the engine s power is used to supplement the driver s effort in turning the steering wheel • Etymology: 1930–35 … From formal English to slang

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